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Windows 10 is Coming!

Summer is upon us, and although we have many hot days to look forward to, I find myself wishing fall would arrive sooner than later. Although fall brings the busy shopping season, it also brings all the new computers, smartphones, and tablets. However, this is a special fall as we get to look forward to a release that will have us all deciding to hit the upgrade button. What I am referring to is the release of Windows 10.

Windows 10 is going to be a major improvement for all the Windows 7 lovers and Windows 8 haters. It really is what Windows 8 should have been as it will be a nice blend between both. The Start button will be back in the bottom left and will open to more of a Windows 8 tile layout. However, it will not take over the screen. While there are many new features like Cortana voice command (think Siri for Apple) and the removal of Internet Explorer, it will have the look and feel that everyone seems to be excited about.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Well, I have Windows 7 or 8 so, how does this affect me?” Microsoft is going to be offering the upgrade for FREE, which is the correct price in my book. So make sure that you start your backups now as late fall is the time frame Microsoft has been advertising as the release.

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