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Adjust the slider to see your price per closing & the benefits plan you can qualify for!

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Drag the slider, or simply type in an amount, to determine your monthly costs and associated transaction and cap costs.

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This will be your fee per each closing* *if you choose a cap plan, this fee will only be charged until your cap is met.

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West USA has many plans that include an annual cap. Monthly and transaction fees will only be charged until you have hit this cap.

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Hear What Our Agents Are Saying!

Now more than ever in our economy, realtors need a customized budget strategy to compete in the realtor market.

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Simply enter your desired monthly fee and the transaction fee and annual cap will automatically calculate. Once you have decided on the best plan for your business you will be prompted through the website for your hiring process!

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Hear what agents are saying.


“I love working with West USA because while I know I have a broker and managing brokers who will be there for any questions or concerns I have, I also have the independence that I desire. It is a great balance of running my own business, but knowing I am not alone should I need assistance. I have been with West USA for almost 15 years. I have had opportunities to go with other real estate brokerages, but there would be no reason to make a change….I have always been happy, continue to be happy, and expect to be happy at West USA.” - Rebecca M. Durfey, PLLC


"I enjoy working with West USA Realty because the people are “real” here. The culture is one that makes me proud to be an agent with West USA. Good people Good Business. West USA Realty has the support you need from the staff to the brokers. Agents need to know someone has their back and at West USA Realty, they really do have your back. - Michelle Minik


“West USA Realty is a great company to work for. Their agent's success is their priority. They provide an excellent support system and ongoing training to help their agents keep their Continuing Education current with some of the best trainers in the industry.”


“Being a Realtor, you’re in charge of your own destination. West USA helps you anyway they can to help you meet those goals. The office staff is helpful and friendly. They have a great coaching program and other learning tools such as weekly webinars, classes and handouts. The office is accessible 24 hrs a day and conference rooms are available to reserve at your convenience.”