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Lead Generation Every Day

Literally, the most critical task in building your real estate business is lead generation. The purpose to organizing a weekly calendar is to create time blocks specifically for lead generation. Your annual income goal is predicated on your buyer and seller leads that equates to closed transactions. As well, every lead is a source for a referral lead.

As you establish your lead generation strategies and habits, be sure to keep track of the source of your leads within your CRM.At the end of the year you should be able to immediately account for the source of your transaction’s clients and know which lead generation method was the most cost effective for you.Except for direct referrals, most of your leads will have overhead, which is the invested expense of outbound marketing, online subscriptions and your personal time networking. So you should know what it costs to acquire each lead and identify the activities that are not productive.

Your business can only come from two places. People you know and people you don’t know.

And your business will be a mix of both in different ratios. As you are allocating time for prospecting (let’s say two hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from ten until noon) be committed and disciplined to not let other activities get in the way, which includes your current transactions. Always know the difference between working on your business and working at your business. Current work is less important than future work. If you are prospecting on the phone, close your door, attach a do not disturb sign and commit to not leave the room until your calling goal is complete. As well, hold yourself accountable to reporting your success and/or challenges to your coach or mentor.For the rest of the week you are still working on lead generation through networking, open houses and door knocking.

So allocate the time and money, define your lead generation as outbound or inbound, know the source of all of your leads, hold yourself accountable and most importantly; define your major definite purpose for building a real estate business. Write it down and put it in your purse or wallet, make it your desktop background image and tell it to the people who are closest to you (especially your coach).