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What Name Are You Using To Advertise Your AZ Real Estate Business?

Here is something to give serious thought to:

  • What name is on your AZ real estate license?
  • What name is on your business cards and how do you advertise?
  • Who you are?

Actually, my name is Robert Stephens. However, my business cards say Bob Stephens. BOB is a nickname! AND, if you use a nickname for business purposes, the Arizona Department of Real Estate wants you to register that nickname and get their approval to use it.

The ADRE wants your AKA so that it may identify you as most others know you. It wants no mistakes in their administration of you. This certainly sounds fair enough and I want to make all of West USA real estate agents aware of this rule of ADRE so that you can ALL comply with it.

James (Jim) Sexton has been interviewing the AZ commissioner of real estate, Judy Lowe, and this has been their very latest discussion, which is soon to be released to everyone in the AAR blog.

AHA—and as luck would have it, another broker has identified one of our real estate agents as advertising with his nickname and not his real estate license name. I have never known him as anyone else and was surprised when I found out his REAL name. I have now directed him to correct this with the ADRE and sent him this article, which I now present to you to read by virtue of an easily clicked on link.

I recall about 20 years ago when Veronica Russell got caught by ADRE for using her nickname of Roni. She was so highly irritated by them that she went to the proper people and got her name legally changed to Roni. I love that story.

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