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Selling by the Golden Rule

Pick up your copy today!

One of the great rewards of having finished the book “Selling by the Golden Rule” and getting it published is the great “sense of accomplishment.” Many of you in sales knows what it feels like to “close an escrow”… you know the feeling of “gratification” of seeing a couple sign the “closing documents” … you know the “joy” of watching a family move into their new home. This is known as “satisfaction.” It is the reward of helping others.

So, today, join me in helping you get started on a “new life story” for you! Grab a pen and a pad and simply log a few thoughts and set some simple goals. Determine a few things that you want to accomplish in your career and get started.

Some of you will seek it tenaciously like “a pearl of great price.” Seeking the ONE DESIRED GOAL of complete fulfillment. Other of you will find it like “a hidden treasure in a field” finding it simply by “accident.” Each is satisfying…The joy is in the discovery. But, you have to start. (Read chapters Two and Three.)

I recall some of the frustration in putting pen on paper. I remember the challenge of editing the drafts. I struggled with double-checking the context, revising the phrasing, verifying the syntax of word selection … and a thousand other things that were involved in getting these chapters ready for the publisher. But, it was worth it. It was a work of love. I wrote it for REALTORS. I wrote it for you.

Shortly, after a few people had read the first published copies, the minister of the church where I am a member said to me, “Dale, I have been struggling with an issue for weeks. I took time to read your book, and in one section of the book the answer to my problem was given. Thank you.” Satisfaction! Reward! The “purpose of my book is now fulfilled” in one life. I pray there will be others. My goal has been reached in one reader. Who else will be blessed? How many can be blessed? Maybe you?”

Maybe you should help one couple find a new home. Maybe you should help two families find a new home. How about helping 10 families, or 50 families or 100 families. The more people you help the greater blessing you are to others. You see, it is not about the commission, it is about helping people with their needs.

“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.” This is the “magic” of “Selling by the Golden Rule.”

--- C Dale Hillard