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Real Estate Agents Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

As an agent, you are self-employed, which means you are an entrepreneur. It’s imperative that all agents take on the entrepreneur spirit. Here are three traits of successful entrepreneurs:

1. Tenacity: Selling real estate is like running a marathon. You have to have the commitment to push through all the obstacles you will face and finish the race. Entrepreneurs who avoid giving up are those who are more likely to achieve their goals, no matter what the market throws at them.

2. Passion: You must be passionate and wake up every day excited to help people achieve their real estate dreams. Believe it or not, not all entrepreneurs are driven by greed. Many are simply driven by doing what they love to do. Whether you like it or not, passion, or lack thereof, is worn on your sleeve.

3. Self-belief: This is one trait that all successful entrepreneurs share in common. It is virtually impossible to be successful in real estate if you don’t believe in yourself and don’t believe you can be successful. You have to be overly confident that you can help your clients achieve their real estate goals.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” –Winston Churchill

By Mike Weinstein