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3 Tips on Finding the Right Types of Real Estate Agents to Network With

As AZ real estate agents, we always come in contact with other agents, especially in our local offices. Though networking is a critical part of our success, you should always consider who you are networking with. Are you spending time with those whose influence makes you more productive or are you surrounding yourself around those who keep you from becoming more profitable?

Here are three tips to finding the right types of AZ real estate agents to network with:

  1. Like-Minded Agents. There’s an old saying that you become like those you hang out with. Not only is attitude everything, but attitude is contagious. If you hang out with positive people, you become more positive. If you hang out with negative people, you become more negative. Consider the types of conversations that those around you have and ensure those conversations inspire you to become more successful.
  1. Successful Real Estate Agents: Simply put – find those who are closing deals. It can be safely assumed they are closing deals for a reason. Find out why and how. Learn how they approach their business, how they talk about their clients and how they view the current AZ real estate market. This will help you extract tips to their success that you can easily emulate.
  1. Ask to be Mentored. No matter how productive of a real estate agent you are, there is always someone more productive. Seek them out and ask to spend time with them. Very few people refuse a free cup of coffee. More importantly, people like to talk about themselves more than any other topic. Take advantage of this human trait and ask the right questions to learn their secrets to success.

Like anything in life, relationships in our industry are a key component to how we approach our businesses. Ensure you are building relationships with those who share your same values and passion for success. There are many in the West USA family. To learn more about West USA, you can call us today at 602-942-4200 and ask to speak with one of our Corporate Recruiters.

By Michael Weinstein, MBA